Canton city dairy project put on hold


SALEM, Ohio – Jeff Weisel and Steve DiPietro have hit a roadblock in their path to build a mega-dairy in the city of Canton.

The men were outbid by the Joseph A. Jeffries Co., an industrial developer, for the parcel of land where they had planned to build the facility.

The land is located east of Trump Avenue, north of 14th Street and adjacent to railroad lines on the city’s east side.

The bidding took place in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Akron Jan. 14.

Fell apart. “A lot of things had to come together and they didn’t. The guys are in the same position they were in six months ago and are still trying to put something together,” said Todd Locke, spokesperson for the dairy planners.

In the meantime, Weisel and DiPietro are looking at other avenues, including building the farm in another city, Locke said.

“They’re keeping their mind and options open.”

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