Colorado cattleman files lawsuit seeking proper use of beef checkoff


SALEM, Ohio — A Kansas beef producer has filed a federal lawsuit trying to stop beef checkoff dollars from going to influence governmental action and policy.

Groups involved

Michael P. Callicrate has filed the lawsuit in Kansas against the USDA, Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board and the Agricultural Marketing Service.

Daniel D. Owen, of the law firm, Polsinelli Shughart P.C. in Kansas City, Mo., filed the lawsuit Aug. 9.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction against the USDA, Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, Beef Promotion Operating committee and the Agricultural Marketing Service.

According to the lawsuit, these groups govern the national “Beef Checkoff,” which generates over $80 million from beef producers annually.

Violated beef act?

The lawsuit contends that the USDA, Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, Beef Promotion Operating Committee and Agricultural Marketing Service violated the Beef Research and Information Act of 1985.

According to the lawsuit, the groups did this by giving the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association beef checkoff funds even though the NCBA is primarily a policy and lobbying organization. The lawsuit states the NCBA uses the beef checkoff funds to influence governmental action and policy.

Why Kansas?

Callicrate, a Colorado beef producer since 1973, filed the lawsuit on behalf of all cattle producers. He continues to pay the $1 per-head of cattle assessment mandated by the beef act of 1985. He sells the majority of his cattle in St. Francis, Kan., and the beef checkoff dollars for those cattle are remitted there, which is the reason for the filing in Kansas.

Callicrate wants the court to stop the NCBA from using the checkoff funds for the purpose of influencing governmental action or policy.

He is not asking for any money for himself but asking that contracts between the NCBA and the USDA, Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, Beef Promotion Operating Committee and the Agricultural Marketing Service are suspended. In addition to court costs and attorney fees are paid.


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  1. While this may SEEM like an HONEST endeavor by a SEEMINGLY honest cattle man with supposed interest in HELPING fellow cattle men, upon further digging, there is unrefuted proof that this is just an attack on the Beef Checkoff and Promotion because they stand against the proposed UEP and HSUS proposed legislation for egg producers. In large print, his company letters state “WE SUPPORT HSUS” A few days ago the pompous arrogant “leader” of HSUS-Pacelle-stated that the cattle associations in essence should “stay out of” legislation that was not “of concern” to them, and obviously, they found a new puppet that had cattle connections but not intelligence to go along with their attack on animal agriculture.

    While I may not be the largest cattle producer, I still pay for dozens of beef checkoffs per year-and I give my full permission for the checkoff to use whatever is necessary to fight this purely evil, vile action against animal producers-including the proposed UEP/HSUS regulations!!!

    HSUS is an EXTREMELY deceptive demonic group that uses outright LIES, DECEPTIONS, and INTENTIONAL OMMISSIONS to BULLY ALL animal owners-whether farmers/ranchers, horse owners/breeders, pet owners/breeders, exotic animal owners/breeders, hunters, and others and intrude , violate, and strip them of their right to own, breed, and use animals. Using dimwitted people within animal industries-such as Callicrate-to help them further their agenda is just part of their deceptive attacks on us.

  2. Never ever trust anyone from HSUS to do anything that is for the animals and thier owners,it is not what they are about.


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