Columbiana-Mahoning dairies win ‘elite’ production honor


SALEM, Ohio – When you look at top herds on Ohio’s DHI (Dairy Herd Improvement) rankings, you’ll spot several dairy farms from Columbiana and Mahoning counties.
Grammer Jersey Farm, owned by Bill and Debbie Grammer of Sebring, is the top Jersey herd in the state, with energy corrected milk production averaging 25,148 pounds per cow, and an average of 1,000 pounds butterfat and 716 pounds protein.
The Grammers milk approximately 560 cows three times a day.
Leading the state, the Grammer herd also earned “elite” production status, reserved for the state’s top 5 percent in each breed and milk component.
Holstein leaders. Smith Vale Farms, which earned elite awards for milk, fat and protein production, is ranked seventh in the state’s Holstein herds.
Production on the herd’s 127 cows averaged 29,484 pounds (energy corrected milk), 1,035 pounds fat and 880 pounds protein.
Lowmiller Farm is ranked ninth, with production on its 143 head averaging 29,280 pounds of milk (ECM), 989 pounds fat and 885 pounds protein. The farm, which also milks three times a day, earned elite status for milk and protein components.
Steve Crist’s 227-head Holstein herd also received elite status for milk and protein. His farm is ranked 18th statewide, with an average ECM production of 28,584 pounds milk, 998 pounds butterfat and 850 pounds protein. The Crist herd is milked three times a day.
Bill Richeson achieved elite status for fat production, as his 21-head Holstein herd averaged 1,018 pounds of butterfat per cow.
Jersey, Ayrshire herds. In addition to the Grammer herd, two other Jersey herds on the Columbiana-Mahoning DHI test ranked on the state’s top 10 herds. Pine Hill Farm, Scott Lindsey, ranked sixth, with average production of 22,440 pounds milk (ECM), 891 pounds fat and 650 pounds protein.
Wayne Herron’s 114-head herd ranks seventh, averaging 22,063 pounds milk, 893 pounds fat and 628 pounds protein.
Bill Kornbau’s test herd of 17 Ayrshires ranked fifth, with an average production of 17,312 (ECM), 705 pounds fat and 555 pounds protein.
Local awards. In addition to recognition for the state rankings, the local herds were honored April 6 at the Columbiana-Mahoning DHI annual meeting in Salem.
The Lowmillers were the top herd for milk, while Smith Vale Farms was the top herd for fat and protein and top energy-corrected milk Holstein herd.
The Grammer herd also earned the two counties’ quality milk award, for an average somatic cell count of 97,000.
The Kornbau herd earned the Ayrshire award and Bricker Farms earned the award for top mixed herd production.
Steve Crist’s herd earned the most improved award.
Rounding out the local DHI’s top 10 herds on official test were the following Holstein dairies:
Whiteleather Farms, 341 head, 26,494 pounds milk; 978 pounds fat and 831 pounds protein;
John Lora, 47 head, 25,706 pounds milk, 959 pounds fat and 778 pounds protein;
Burch’s Dairy Farm, 60 head, 25,011 pounds milk, 913 pounds fat, 776 pounds protein;
Jim Beardsley, 84 head, 24,885 pounds milk, 1,009 pounds fat, 748 pounds protein;
Doug and Marty Dye, 109 head, 24,601 pounds milk, 1,001 pounds fat and 709 pounds protein;
Martig Farms, 861 head, 24,405 pounds milk, 768 pounds fat and 740 pounds protein;
Shoemaker Holsteins, 68 head, 23,436 pounds milk, 818 pounds fat and 703 pounds protein.
During the luncheon, Brian Winters, general manager of DHI Ohio, shared slides and information about dairy farms in Mexico.
Bill Grammer and Brad Baker were re-elected to the board and Brett Lowmiller was elected to a one-year term on the board.

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