Condolences to former editor’s family


Our hearts are saddened this week with the news of the death of Ben Reeves, son of Tim and Sue Reeves of Ostrander, Ohio. Tim was editor of Farm and Dairy from 1983 to 1987.

Ben died tragically in an automobile accident on Sunday, June 17, Father’s Day.

All of us at Farm and Dairy offer our deepest sympathy.

This world is the land of the dying; the next is the land of the living.

– Tryon Edwards

* * *

Tim Reeves hired me as a staff reporter for Farm and Dairy back in 1985, taking a chance that I’d last longer than my predecessor, who stayed all of six weeks. Our paths still cross at the Farm Science Review and at other functions, most recently the Ohio Beef Expo in March. It’s always good to see him.

Tim, who’s a native of Columbiana County, is shifting gears in his own career. After more than 20 years in ag journalism, he’s just completed seminary studies within the United Methodist Church.

* * *

Of the three of us in the newsroom at the time of my hiring at Farm and Dairy – Tim, Cathie DeFazio and me – one went on to become a preacher and one went on to become a politician. I think I’d better stay where I am.

* * *

Proof positive that government’s alphabet soup has run amok, a news release from the Environmental Protection Agency about the ongoing StarLink review announces that an independent body of scientific experts will meet in July on the issue. The group is called the Scientific Advisory Panel, or SAP.

Just what we need: a bunch of SAPs dictating the future of U.S. biotechnology!

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