Conference stresses managing the Hispanic workforce in agriculture


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Agricultural managers employing Hispanic or multicultural workforces will want to be present for one of the 2003 Hispanic Workforce Management Conferences sponsored by Cornell and Penn State Universities.

Building on the success of the 2001 conference, the 2003 conference features a dynamic program and nationally prominent speakers who will offer useful insight into practices and attitudes that will help ensure success with a multicultural workforce.

Featured topics include:

* Exploring cultural characteristics: What should I know and why is it important?

* Blending cultures in the workplace

* Four Factors for success with your Hispanic employees

* Mentoring and coaching new managers: How can I help my best Hispanic employees move into supervisory positions?

* Expanding employee skill sets: Moving your workers into different parts of the operation.

* Language barriers: How can I best overcome them?

* Gaining multicultural acceptance in the community: What can I do to help my local community accept this new and necessary workforce?

* Hiring a legal workforce.

In addition to meeting and talking with speakers, conference participants will have the opportunity to meet and compare management strategies with other successful business managers.

This year, the conference will take place in two locations. The Pennsylvania site will be Jan. 28-29 at the Grantville/Hershey Holiday Inn, Grantville, Pa., and the New York site will be Jan. 30-31 at the Canandaguia Inn, Canandaguia, N.Y.

For registration information call Robin Huizinga at 607-255-4478; e-mail,; online at


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