Conservation efforts rewarded by Wayne Soil and Water


WOOSTER, Ohio – Melissa Arko and Neil Topovski were recently recognized by the Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District for their efforts in introducing science and conservation to students at Parkview Elementary School in the Wooster City School District.
Arko was named 2006 Outstanding Conservation Teacher while Topovski was recognized for being selected Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation District Elementary Teacher of the Year.
Hands-on education. Arko’s “hands on” – and in cases of field trips to Brown’s Bog and the Shreve Swamp, “hands in” – approach to teaching science and conservation to her third-grade students gives them a closer look at nature.
Field trips to the swamp and Brown’s Bog not only introduce the students to the plant and animal species found in the area, but they also give students a closer look at wetlands and their importance in maintaining water quality.
As part of a study on birds, Arko has students study, observe and research birds before creating papier-m

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