Corn producer has record production… again


ST. LOUIS – For the fifth consecutive year, Francis Childs of Manchester, Iowa, had the highest overall yield in the National Corn Growers Association National Corn Yield Contest.

Childs had a record-breaking yield of 442.14 bushels per acre.

The previous record was 408.2 bushels per acre fielded by Childs during last year’s contest.

He wasn’t alone in his success. This year’s contest had a total of 3,286 entries from 46 states, topping last year’s total despite disastrous weather conditions throughout much of the nation.

The resulting top yields from farmers who placed first, second and third nationally in the respective categories ranged from 442.14 to 214.86 bushels per acre.

As seen in years past, success in the face of adversity was the story of corn growers in 2002, as nature sent the usual challenges of flood, drought and heat.

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