Daylay Egg Farm loses grain license


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – Daylay Egg Farm Inc., of West Mansfield in Logan County, may no longer handle grain from producers after a financial statement submitted to the Ohio Department of Agriculture showed the company does not have the working capital required to maintain a commodity handlers license.
Out of luck. While the department’s recent grain examination found that Daylay does not have obligations to farmers, any grain delivered to the farm after the company’s license expired on Sept. 30 is not afforded protection under the state’s Grain Indemnity Fund, which reimburses farmers when a licensed elevator becomes insolvent.
The company, which has 512,000 bushels of grain storage capacity, is still permitted under the Ohio Revised Code to purchase grain from a licensed handler to feed its poultry flocks.
Not good enough. Daylay Egg Farm Inc.’s annual financial statement submitted to the department showed the company did not meet the state’s requirements to maintain a commodity handlers license.
The company was first notified of the department’s proposed action July 11, 2006 and had until Sept. 30 to correct the shortfall.
The department’s Plant Industry Division Grain, Feed and Seed Section licenses and examines agricultural commodity handlers in Ohio through Section 926.06 of the Ohio Revised Code. Ohio has 441 licensed grain handlers with a total grain storage capacity of nearly 350 million bushels.
Call for clarification. Farmers with questions and concerns about business with Daylay Egg Farm Inc. should contact the Grain, Feed and Seed Section at 614-728-6410 or 800-282-1955.

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