Despite geese supporters, Mill Creek MetroPark board affirms euthanasia decision

Canada goose

238 geese were euthanized with carbon dioxide on June 26 at Mill Creek MetroParks, but the criticism hasn’t let up yet.

The Vindicator reports that a board meeting held July 14 attracted many geese enthusiasts who questioned the park board’s decision to kill the geese instead of taking alternative actions. In recent years, the geese had become defensive at times and had disturbed the Lily Pond area.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued Mill Creek MetroParks a permit to euthanize the geese. The geese were rounded up from the Lily Pond, Lake Glacier and Newport Wetlands areas. The park board stands behind their decision in regards to the geese.

Via: The Vindicator > Park board gets earful about geese euthanasia


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  1. The permit did not specify the number of geese. As a matter of fact goslings were not included.. an ODNR “expert” gave oral permission for goslings to be euthanized. Sounds like OBAMA “care”…make the rules as you go.
    Geese can be a problem however the people that are feeding them and not being held accountable are the problem…would the geese leave if the food is withheld…any scientific research on that?


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