Elm-Park cow sets world record for milk production


CRYSTAL SPRING, Pa. – The Red and White Dairy Cattle Association has a new world record milk producer.

Elm-Park Moselle-Red-ET, bred and owned by Elm-Park Farms, Ltd. in Sheboygan Falls, Wis., has completed the new record production of 54,721 pounds of milk with 1,502 pounds of butterfat and 1,615 pounds of protein. Moselle’s record breaking lactation began at 6 years of age and is based on three milkings daily, and a 365 day record.

In addition to outstanding production, Moselle is an outstanding individual for conformation, scoring Excellent-91 with an Excellent mammary system and Excellent in feet and legs.

Pedigree. Moselle is a cow backed with the pedigree to support her outstanding production and performance. She is a daughter of Kinglea Leader from Elm-Park Montana-ET.

Montana is a Walkway Chief Mark daughter that scored Very Good-87 and produced a top record of 43,850 pounds of milk, 1726 pounds of butterfat and 1397 pounds of protein as a 5-year-old.

Montana’s dam, Elm Park Merit Mercy-edET, scored Excellent and was recognized as dam of merit and gold medal dam.

“Like others in her family, Moselle is a cow you don’t want to be between her and her feed,” said Louis Prange, of Elm Park Farms, where the cow’s family has been developed.

“The entire family are extremely aggressive eaters, with great dairy characteristics and fast milk out,” added Prange.

Moselle has offspring by STVBQ Rubens exported to Columbia. She also has pregnancies due this ear by Arnell Elegant and has been flushed again to Rubens.

Other winners. The 2-times per day, 365 day record holder is J-Don Bailee Mabel-Red-ET with a record of 54,190 pounds of milk in 365 days.


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