Ethanol project featured at beef school


CARROLLTON, Ohio – Local livestock producers will have the opportunity to learn about the Harrison County Ethanol Plant project at a Tri-County Beef Management School session March 16 at 7:30 p.m. at Carrollton High School.

According to Mike Hogan, Ohio State University Extension Agent, this beef school session will provide area beef and dairy cattle producers will the opportunity to find out how they might benefit from this potential new market.

About the project. The Harrison Ethanol Project has the potential to benefit local livestock producers who are interested in selling beef and dairy cattle and feedstuffs to the new operation.

The beef school session will feature Phil Cunningham and Gary Wilson of Harrison Ethanol, LLC.

The proposed ethanol project will include several innovative features, including a methane digester which will turn methane gas from livestock manure into “green” electricity which will be sold on the open market.

A large beef feedlot and dairy operation will also be part of the operation which will be located near Cadiz in Harrison County.

Working together. The organizers of Harrison Ethanol, LLC have indicated an interest in working with local livestock and crop producers to purchase feeder cattle, contract raise dairy heifers, and produce forages for the livestock operations which will be part of the project.

There is no fee or advance registration required to participate in the beef school and refreshments will be served.

Call for details. For more information contact the Carroll County Office of OSU Extension at 330-627-4310.


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