Farm giveaway still open


SALEM, Ohio – It’s not over yet.

So says Rose Wallace, the Ashtabula County farm owner who, along with her husband, Dennis, vowed nearly a year ago to give their farm to the winner of an essay contest.

Rose Wallace said Jan. 17 that since launching the contest last spring, the contest has received roughly half of the required 3,000 entries.

How it works

The Wallaces previously said they’d accept 3,000 entries, each with a nonrefundable $100 certified check entry fee.

That money would help cover their relocation to another part of the country, and the farm would go to the new owner with no strings attached.

Still entering

Wallace said she receives e-mails daily asking about the status of the contest, as well as messages from people who are hearing about the farm giveaway for the first time.

She said entries lagged over the holidays, but have picked up again, with more entries arriving daily.

Wallace said many people – herself included – initially thought it would only take a couple of months to receive the minimum number of entries. Still, the Wallaces aren’t discouraged it’s taken longer.

“It doesn’t matter. We’ve lived in Ohio for years. Getting through another winter isn’t hurting us one bit.”

Click here for details on the contest and how to enter.

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