Farm manager program holds banquet


MARIETTA, Ohio – The 27th annual Washington County, Ohio, farm business planning and analysis banquet was held in the Barrett Commons at the Career Center in Marietta April 1.

One hundred people attended including farm clients, administrators, and guests.

The evening began with the meal followed by a short program.

What is it? FBPA is a part of the adult technical training program at the career center.

Sixty local farms are enrolled in farm management classes, computerized records, tax planning, and on-farm consultation.

The banquet recognizes the efforts of enrolled farms that submit their annual records for financial and enterprise analysis.

Sponsorship. Farm Credit Services of Mid America has sponsored the annual FBPA banquet since its beginning in 1978.

Steve Reed, financial services officer and Melinda Roberts, customer service representative, attended for FCS.

Superintendent Roger Bartunek and Dewayne Poling, adult technical training director from the career center, welcomed the group and presented awards.

John Miley from the state department of education commented on the progress of ag education in Ohio.

Learn more. If you have questions or are interested in Farm Business Planning and Analysis, contact Marty Clark or Doug Mercer at 740-373-6283, Ext. 360.


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