Fifteen days of rain in May, but fewer inches tallied


MILLPORT, Ohio – It sure seemed like we got more rain in May than Ed Copeland recorded in southern Columbiana County.
The month’s 15 days of rain totaled only 3.25 inches, which is actually less than the average rainfall for May at the weather observer’s station. Copeland’s 112-year historical average is 3.82 inches of rain.
Ever the philosopher, Copeland observed, “The month had several good days, and also bad ones, making it hard to farm.”
It was the lack of sunshine that hurt crop growth, as the month had an average sunshine of 58 percent, compared to the historical average of 61 percent.
The average temperature was 53.5 degrees, down from the average 58 degrees.
The month’s only frost came early, on May 4 when the thermometer hit 25 degrees. Just a week later, May 11, Copeland recorded the month’s high of 83 degrees.


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