Gloomy night leads to bright records in Pa.

SALEM, Ohio – The Butler Farm Show junior market livestock auction took place on a gloomy, cool evening that felt like a fall night rather than the beginning of August.
Despite the sweatshirt-wearing weather, buyers came prepared with their coats and pocket books.
This year, five new records were set and the sale totaled to $111,238.12, up more than $21,417 from last year.
Birds of a feather. Two new records were set right off the bat, well, actually off of John Huey’s auctioneer gavel.
James Stull sold his grand champion pen of chickens to Elliott Tire Service for a record high of $32.50 a pound.
The previous record, set in 2003 was $15.50 a pound.
Stull also won the 10-11 age division in poultry showmanship.
Black’s Clearwater Kennel and Game Birds followed the example and purchased Danielle Yobst’s reserve champion pen of chickens for a record $15 a pound.
The old record was set in 2003 for $11 a pound.
Yobst won the 16-21 age division in poultry showmanship.
The two pens sold totaled $718.13.
Cheers for steers. Amerikohl Mining was loudly applauded after buying Dayna Filges’ 1,335-pound grand champion steer for a record $7 a pound, totaling $9,345.
The old record, set in 2003, was $5.40 a pound.
Whitney Edwards sold her 1,340-pound reserve champion steer to Nixon Landscape Supply for $4 a pound.
Twenty-eight steers sold for an average of $1.60 a pound with champions and $1.26 a pound without.
Joshua Drake won the 8-9 age division in beef showmanship; Gilbert Osche, 10-11; Krystle Foertsch, 12-13; Colt Filges, 14-15; Whitney Edwards, 16-21.
Grand to be a goat. The grand champion goat also broke a record of its own.
Stoughton Excavating and Sanitation bought Joshua Arner’s grand goat for $5.50 a pound, beating the previous record of $5 a pound.
Amanda Mabold sold her reserve champion goat to Terry and Patty Hoak for $4.75 a pound.
Six goats were sold. The average with champions was $3.04 a pound and without, $1.83 a pound.
In goat showmanship, Samantha Erskine won the 10-11 age division; Joshua Arner, 12-13; Sara Maebold, 14-15; Amanda Mabold, 16-21.
Buy both. In the hog sale, Custom-Fab Trailers outbid not just once, but twice to take home the grand and reserve champion hogs.
They bought grand champion winner Harold Dunn Jr.’s hog for $5 a pound and Cody Stephenson’s reserve hog for $4.50 a pound.
The average price for the 83 hogs sold was $1.81 a pound with champions and $1.73 a pound without.
Taylor Huff won the 8-9 age division in swine showmanship; Amy Metrick, 10-11; Joshua Loomis, 12-13; Matthew Loomis, 14-15; Harold Dunn, 16-21.
Lambs go last. The lambs sold last, but still brought high bids.
Rebekah Dunn’s 122-pound grand champion lamb sold to J.K. Hydraulics Inc. for $8.25 a pound.
And the last record breaker of the night was Tomi Huff’s 106-pound reserve champion lamb sold to Tractor Supply Company for $9.25 a pound.
Fifty-six lambs sold for an average of $2.48 a pound with champions and $2.25 a pound without.
In lamb showmanship, Amanda Shuler won the 8-9 age division; Tanis Huff, 10-11; Stephen Drake, 12-13; Debbie Drake, 14-15; Rebekah Dunn, 16-21.
Rabbits. Amerikohl Mining, the big buyers of the night, also bought the grand champion pen of rabbits, raised by Calley Bridges, for $525.
Marnie Cain sold her reserve champion pen of rabbits to AAA A-Z Services for $200.
The five rabbit pens sold totaled $1,575.
Peter Kalmar won the 8-9 age division in rabbit showmanship; Sarah Cashdollar, 10-11; Calley Bridges, 12-13; Jessi Kummer, 14-16; Jessica, 17-21.


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