High heat, lack of rain tough on crops


MILLPORT, Ohio – July 2002 was the driest July on record, according to Edwin R. Copeland, U.S. weather observer, reporting from his post in southern Columbiana County.

Rainfall for the month was 1.02 inches, 3.09 inches short of the 110-year average of 4.11 inches. Rain fell on only six days of the month with the largest single rainfall measuring .27 inches. The wettest July on record was in 1958 with 12.39 inches.

With the dry weather and the extreme heat, crops have really suffered. There were 16 days in July when the temperature hit 90 degrees or above. No vegetation can stand that without severe damage. Some crops have already been lost and no rain will bring them back.

The high temperature was 95 degrees recorded on July 29. The lowest temperature of 50 degrees was recorded on July 4.

The 110-year averages for July are: 70.5 degrees, 4.11 inches of rain and 65 percent sunshine.

Averages for July 2002 are: 78.0 degrees, 1.02 inches of rain and 70 percent sunshine.

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