Hog inventories remain unchanged


WASHINGTON – Ohio hog producers had 1,580,000 hogs on hand June 1, unchanged from last year, but 4 percent above last quarter.
The number of market hogs, at 1,415,000 head, was slightly lower than last year but up 4 percent from last quarter.
Breeding stock, at 165,000 head, rose 3 percent from last year and last quarter.
The pig crop during the March-May 2006 quarter numbered 711,000 head, up 3 percent from last year and up 4 percent from last quarter.
The number of sows farrowed during the March-May 2006 quarter, at 79,000 head, was up 2,000 head from last year and 4,000 head from last quarter.
Pigs saved per litter averaged 9.0, unchanged for the same period last year but down 1 percent from last quarter.
Ohio producers intend to farrow 80,000 sows during the June-August 2006 quarter, up 2,000 head from last year and up 1,000 head from last quarter.
Farrowing intentions for the fall quarter, September-November 2006, is 80,000 sows, down 1,000 head from last year.
Neighbor’s numbers. In Pennsylvania, there were 1,070,000 hogs and pigs on farms June 1, according to the Pennsylvania Field Office of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.
This estimated inventory was 30,000 head fewer than the March inventory, but unchanged from the June 2005 inventory.
Market hog inventory, at 1,070,000 head, decreased 30,000 head since March; while breeding stock inventory, at 100,000 head, was unchanged from both March and last June.
The March-May 2006 pig crop totaled 419,000 head, down 9,000 head from June a year earlier and down 46,000 head from the December 2005

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