Imperial glass museum to open June 5, 2003


BELLAIRE, Ohio – A donation of $10,000 to the National Imperial Glass Museum’s Operation Display fund raising effort was announced at the recent National Imperial Glass Collectors Society’s annual convention.

Paul Douglas, the society’s president, and Ohio Valley Glass and Artifacts Museum President Bill Starrett announced the donation.

The contribution, along with support from society members and the local business community pushed Operation Display past the halfway marl toward reaching its goal.

Museum. June 5, 2003 has been set for the museum’s official opening. The event, which will kick off next year’s convention, marks the achievement of a goal that the society has dedicated itself to for many years.

Auction. The third major announcement involved a fall auction to be sponsored by the society in October in Bellaire, Ohio. Designated as an Operation Display fund-raiser for cabinet building funds. The auction will feature an assortment of Imperial and other glassware from the society’s inventory, including non-lmperial glassware, leftover building supplies from museum renovation and consigned glassware from local residents.


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