It doesn’t get much uglier than this


TAMPA, Fla. – Magic mirror, on the wall, whose tomato is ugliest of all?
With so many ugly entries to its Ugly Tomato Contest, Santa Sweets couldn’t pick just one and instead decided to award 10 prizes for some of the most unsightly tomatoes that make their famous Uglyripes look pretty good.
Winners. Chieko Arimura of Cupertino, Calif.; Vincenzo Domingo of Long Island, N.Y.; Nadine Gotschall of Louisville, Ohio; Odes Hoogeveen of Oxnard, Calif.; Stephanie Mallette of North Canton, Ohio; Gregg Meyer of Nevada City, Calif.; Courtney Newman of Hollywood, Calif.; Lori Patterson of Richmond, Va.; Rita Rudner of Buena Park, Calif.; and Cheryl Thomas of Virginia Beach, Va., are the owners of some repulsive produce, and the lucky recipients of a box of Uglyripes.
Each winner can choose to have his or her case shipped now or in the dead of winter when the summer-tasting Uglyripe might be a refreshing reminder of summer.
The contest challenged tomato growers everywhere to submit pictures of their ugliest tomatoes to give the company’s variety a run for its money.


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