Jersey celebration: COBA/Select Sires hosts convention


COLUMBUS – COBA/Select Sires hosted the National Jersey Convention June 28.

Berretta. Part of the celebration at the Plain City, Ohio, headquarters was the unveiling of a headstone for 7JE254 Mason Boomer Sooner Berretta.

Berretta (his common name) made a significant impact on the Jersey breed genetically as well as for the Select Sires federation of cooperatives.

His impact has been felt through his outstanding daughters as well as through the sons that he has produced who have also entered active A.I. as highly proven sires.

Nine of the Jersey bulls in the Select Sires current line-up have Berretta in their three-generation pedigree.

Berrettas Linette, a Berretta daughter owned by Sam Bok, is currently the highest JPI cow in the breed.

Berretta’s breeder, Bill, Barb and David Mason of Idaho, were presented with a special Berretta memento to commemorate the occasion.

Daughter display. In addition to the Berretta celebration, COBA and Select Sires exhibited a daughter display during the farm tours June 26. The display was at the farm of Paul and Dawn Schirm, West Salem, Ohio.

The display included 14 daughters that represented the bulls currently in the Select Sires Jersey offering.

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