Jerseys smash all previous records


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – According to the American Jersey Cattle Association, all existing records for production by Registered Jersey cows were erased by their performance in 2007.
Average. The official Jersey lactation average increased to 18,391 pounds milk, 842 pounds fat and 655 pounds protein.
On a cheddar cheese equivalent basis, average yield is 2,208 pounds.
All are new category records, as are the 72,094 lactation records processed by the American Jersey Cattle Association for 2007.
The lactation average is calculated on a standardized 305-day, twice daily, mature equivalent basis.
Actual 305-day yield per cow for 2007 averaged 16,539 pounds milk, 765 pounds fat (4.6 percent), and 591 pounds protein (3.6 percent).
Cheese yield was 1,995 pounds, more than twice the Jersey cow’s average body weight.
Individual cows. Two Registered Jersey cows from Washington state and Wisconsin completed lactations during 2007 to establish new individual U.S. and World Jersey production records.
Mainstream Barkly Jubilee holds the records in three categories: for milk yield, 49,250 pounds; for protein at 1,645 pounds; and for cheese yield, at 5,682 pounds.
She and her dam, Mainstream Berretta Joy, VG-88 percent, are the only two-generation 40,000-pound record Jersey cows in the world. Both were bred and owned by Melissa Kortus of Lynden, Wash.
The record for fat production, at 2,827 pounds, was set by Norse Star Hallmark Bootie. The daughter of Schultz Brook Hallmark was bred and owned by Jeana Marie Fremstad, Westby, Wis.

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