July was hot and dry at Copeland weather station


MILLPORT, Ohio – Some like it hot, and this region was the place for those people to be during July, according to Edwin R. Copeland, U.S. weather observer, reporting from his post in southern Columbiana County.
Too hot. The month had 26 days hit at least 90 degrees – 12 days in June and 14 in July. The high temperature recorded at the station was 98 degrees.
Copeland’s records show this month had more sunshine than the normal.
The bad news is all that heat chased the rain away.
“No vegetation can stand that much heat and no rain and not suffer,” Copeland said.
Where’s the rain? In 46 days, Copeland measured only 1.95 inches of rain at the station, with 1.52 inches of the precipitation coming the evening of July 26.
“Only when the farmers harvest their corn will they know how much damage was done. Some will never come out of it,” Copeland said.
Copeland has watched area farmers feed hay because their pastures are gone, and seen rain in some places and drought in others.
Copeland is hoping for another big rain and cooler temperatures.
Averages. The 113-year averages for July are: 70.5 degrees, 4.11 inches of rain and 65 percent sunshine.
Averages for July 2005 are: 76.5 degrees, 2.78 inches of rain and 80 percent sunshine.


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