Learn basics of hoof care at on-farm workshop


NEW BETHLEHEM, Pa. – A hoof care clinic will be held Jan. 9 at noon at Frostburg Farm near New Bethlehem, Pa.

The program will begin with lunch, followed by the clinic.

Veterinarian Jerry Bertoldo will lead discussion on types of hoof problems, overview of the bovine hoof, locomotion scoring, hoof care management, and preventative management.

Lameness problems. As foot problems lead to many dairy animals leaving herds prematurely, producers need to identify the underlying problem of lameness.

Foot health and lameness are major issues facing dairy producers because of their common occurrence and the tremendous economic losses incurred.

Early detection and prompt treatment by producers can minimize losses, improve recovery time, and reduce animal discomfort.

How soon producers provide treatment and management determines the economic affect on the herd. Detecting whether the problem is nutritional, environmental, or other is essential in identifying treatment methods.

Preventative management in a herd requires knowing the prevalence of lameness and the animal groups affected.

Trimming table. A part of the program will entail putting animals on the trimming table to identify with problems with the feet.

A demonstration on the corrective procedure for improving the functional life of the cow will be part of the demonstration.

Corrective trimming can give stability and enable the cow to distribute weight equally.

Frostburg Farm is located in Porter Township at the intersection of Frosty and Sheridan Roads. Signs will be posted.

For more information, contact Nelson Smith at the Clarion County Extension Office at 814-782-0033.


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