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Fellow farmers and future farmers, anyone involved in the agricultural industry and anyone who claims to be an American. I am writing this letter, because I am fed up with regulations, rules and every government entity trying to find reasons to regulate everything but what needs to be regulated.

This anger pertains to the article written by Darrin Youker and printed in Farm and Dairy on Feb. 25 covering possible farm regulation proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. In my opinion, this is just the beginning of the end for the American farmers.

I grew up on a farm, operating farm equipment and working long hours at a very young age. Helping out around the farm meant you would be able to operate and control heavy machinery, including safety and maintenance.

We learned from the ground up, with a big stress on safety, and these are things I carry with me every day. Medical cards, log books, what’s next? Why don’t these bureaucrats regulate something like big CEO bonuses or paper cuts on Wall Street or all the junk shipped in from overseas? Here’s a great idea, how about government spending? Why target the heartland?

Farmers are smart enough to take breaks when needed, and they know when they have reached their limits. You’re going to have accidents and fatalities in every industry, everything carries risks. Many farms depend on young help. What are these kids going to do for summer help? Maybe the USDOT has something for them to do.

They will be missing a very important life lesson. I learned more about common sense and life in one summer on the farm than most people learn in a lifetime.

Why don’t they offer safety classes or health seminars for farm families, instead of barging in to set forth regulations? Pennsylvania is in the sights with 49 more states to go. Wake up.

It seems like the hard-working American has fallen asleep. It’s time to voice your opinion and be heard. It feels like we are all frozen on a giant conveyer belt, moving through life, surrounded by a band of pirates and pickpockets. I don’t have any stats or regulations to back that up, but I’m sure some government office does.

Farming is hard work, long hours and it’s very risky; we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is also educational, spiritual and emotional, and most of all, it is required to sustain life. So regulate that, next time you people at the USDOT are pondering regulations over lunch.

Victor Neura II

Homerville, Ohio


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  1. We could not agree with you more. It is time in our lives to see and work the principles of the farm back into our lives. That means government too.

    Milkmen USA are helping sustainable agriculture and the farmers and the consumer. we help deliver good farm fresh foods direct to the homeowner at they door.

    Young people today do not all need to go back to school like this new administration says. Hard work is what is needed. Agriculture is a good place to start. Sitting on your ass in a classroom may not be the answer and neither is “pushing paper.”

    Don’t be lazy and don’t support lazy ad greedy humans. Get to work on the farm. Life is not all about computers, schools, or an easy paycheck.

    The Milkman is Back!

    Milkmen USA

  2. I can sympathize with the sentiment of the letter, but as a taxpayer and ag consumer, I get sick of farmers complaining about “government intrusion and regulation” into their lives. 1. You can’t have it both ways. Stop taking government subsidies for your crops, livestock and land set-asides, then you can complain about government regulation. 2. We all have to live with government regulations in our lives, not just farmers. Get over it.

  3. There are two groups that benefit from agricultural subisdies. The Government-through its purchases of cheap food for social welfare programs & the American Public (you) who recives food products at a cheaper price. Any subsidies recieved by Amercian farmers is passed directly to one of these two groups.

  4. Dee
    Not all of us want it both ways. I receive no farm subsidies from the government.

    You want to live with more regulation, go right ahead. I for one don’t need the government to tell me how to run my operation.

    Now as far as the proposed regs go. I see a lot of farm trucks hauling corn and beans every year that shouldn’t be on the road. Likewise if you can’t manage to pass a CDL test you shouldn’t be driving anyway.

    As for the physical, Don’t you get an annual physical anyway? So every 2 years I just tell Doc I need a DOT physical also and she does it at no additional charge. I’ve been carrying a medical card for ages.

  5. Dee, do you know the average age of the american farmer? It’s 57…and it just keeps getting older too. Why is this? Why can’t young farmers start up an operation, make a living, and feed America? Because of the regulations and government getting involved, that’s why. You say you’re tired of hearing farmers complain and we need to get over it….you want us to sit back and be quiet? Sit back and be quiet until all the farmers who can actually make a living farming are dead and gone…and then what? Who will feed America then? Don’t tell us to get over it. If you’re a consumer of ag products than maybe you should do some more homework and get on board with supporting us.


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