Obamacare: Frightening premiums for some



When I consider Obamacare’s initial blundering activity I picture a plane with flat tires trying to pick up speed for takeoff. And why am I not surprised? It’s being run by amateurs, most of whom never held a job in the private sector, who never had to meet a payroll and who don’t have to be efficient because they don’t have to turn a profit.

The whole idea of the government handling our healthcare is frightening. Look at the war on poverty; look at federal housing projects; look at the welfare system.

What have they ever done efficiently and effectively? And affordable?!!

Friends of ours were notified that their policy—-for which they had been paying $500-600—was being cancelled because it didn’t meet federal guidelines. But it could be reinstated after the first of the year at a 50% increase in premium. Affordable?

Another friend received a notice that his medicare “out-of-pocket” was jumping from $3500 to $6700! Affordable? What a joke—but not a very funny one.

W.J. McChesney
New Galilee, Pa.



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