Reader: Politicians are parasites


Election time is just over the horizon, and the political candidates are busy promising us everything under the sun. Promises they could keep, but probably won’t, promises impossible to keep.

They tell us they just want to serve, but if that be true, why don’t we have a four-lane highway in Morgan County?

Morgan County is the only county in the state of Ohio that does not have a four-lane highway.

Try writing a letter to one of them after the election. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.

Need I add that Morgan County has oftentimes had the highest unemployment in the state for many years?

I am always amused when I get a letter or a call from a candidate wanting my opinion on such issues as abortion, same-sex marriage or an increase of our taxes. Then at the end of the communication, I get the request for a contribution. Never fails.

In 1922, Truman H. Newberry was a candidate for Congress from Michigan. He spent $195,000 to get elected.

Congress so collectively criticized Congressman Newberry that he resigned his seat.

Today, candidates spend millions of dollars to get elected. Then after these candidates are elected and are in office, we get mail from them requesting money to get a bill through the Congress.

Why shouldn’t a member of Congress be able to get a bill passed without additional money being needed. History tells us that our founding fathers served in the House of Burgess or the Congress without pay.

In fact, Patrick Henry’s family were often in want while he was away serving his country.

Try to get a member of Congress or the Senate to serve today without pay. I can see the reason that large groups of people today are looking at our politicians as a bunch of parasites.

Sadly, we taxpayers are footing the bill for their extravagances with our tax money.

Hazel M. White
Stockport, Ohio


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  1. “We the people” will not vote for the citizen who wants to serve and uphold our constitution. We fall for slick politics and empty promises every election. It would be refreshing if a regular citizen would win an office and do absolutely nothing but represent his/her constituents. A recent poll showed an overwhelming majority of citizens want congress to drastically cut spending, just don’t cut their pet programs. Do we have the courage as a nation to expect nothing from our republic except “life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ?

  2. If you are looking for someone to serve the people, then look at Michael Pryce MD – an Independent Candidate for the U.S. Senate from Ohio.
    The only veteran in the U.S. Senate race in Ohio.

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