Lou-Ida Farm named premier breeder


CANFIELD, Ohio – Two district Holstein clubs combined their shows this year, as the District 1 and 2 Holstein clubs teamed up for the Northeast Ohio District Holstein Show July 23 at the Mahoning County Fairgrounds in Canfield.
Judge Brian Garrison, dairy sire analyst for Select Sires, liked what he saw in the 4-year-old entries, picking the grand and reserve champions for the senior show from the class.
Starmark Farms, Wooster, Ohio, grabbed the grand champion banner with Willsorina Medallion Connie.
James Beardsley of Damascus, Ohio, showed the reserve champion and best bred and owned, Beardsly Charles Gracious.
The Lee and Mary Liming family of Lou-Ida Farm near Mineral Ridge, Ohio, earned the premier breeder and premier exhibitor awards.
Calf, intermediate classes. Junior champion of the open show was Starmark Leduc Essence, shown by Starmark Farm in the fall calf class. Jim Beardsley showed the reserve junior champion, Beardsly Roy Gi Gi, a summer yearling.
Intermediate cow champion was Starmark Leduc Expedia-ET, a senior 2-year-old exhibited by Starmark Farm; reserve intermediate champion was Lou-Ida Farm’s junior 2-year-old, Lou-Ida Bond Wimmie.
The grand champion bull was Struna Dundee Victory 49, exhibited by Struna Holsteins, Williamsfield.
Kibler Dairy Farm, Warren, showed the reserve champion bull, Gar-Ri Touch Eli-ET.
Junior winners. In the junior show, Katey Lora of Salem showed the grand champion, Klingendale Rudolph Acura, which first topped the 125,000-pound class.
Evan Dye’s winning aged cow, Quality-Quest Stingray-ET, earned reserve champion honors in the junior show.
Brian Moff showed the junior champion of the junior show, Ouric Jonah Azure, and Hannah Dye of Beloit showed the reserve junior champion, Tri-Koebel Derry Rosie-ET.
Lora grabbed another win with her senior 3-year-old, earning intermediate champion of the junior show with Lorawae Kennedy Ramona. Reserve intermediate champion was Quality-Quest Drm Dusky-ET, a junior 3-year-old shown by Jon Dye.
Showmanship winners included: Heather Moff, senior; Heidi Moff, intermediate; and Jon Dye, junior.
Class winners. Exhibitors winning first or second included the following:
Spring calf: 1. Grant Cope, Salem, Ohio; 2. Nevin and Brenda L’Amoreaux, Louisville, Ohio; juniors: 1. Lou-Ida Farm; 2. Katey Lora.
Winter calf: 1. (open and junior) Hannah Dye; 2. (open and junior) Amanda Rex, Granville, Ohio;
Fall calf: 1. Starmark Farm; 2. Cody Habrun, Bolivar, Ohio; juniors: 1. Lorawae Holsteins; 2. Amanda Rex, Granville, Ohio;
Summer yearling: 1. Jim Beardsley; 2. Baird and Cole, Kingsville, Ohio; juniors: 1. Brian Moff; 2. Heather Moff;
Spring yearling: 1. (open and junior) Jon Dye; 2. Kibler Dairy Farm; juniors: 2. Elizabeth Moff, Canfield, Ohio;
Winter yearling: 1. Lucas Riley, Kinsman, Ohio; 2. (first, junior) Evan Dye; juniors: 2. Brian Moff, Columbiana;
Fall yearling: 1. Starmark Farm; 2. Pammie Syndicate, Vienna, Ohio;
Junior best three females: 1. Lorawae Holsteins; 2. Ouric Holsteins, Canfield, Ohio;
Junior 2-year-old: 1. Lou-Ida Farm; 2. L’Amoreaux, Shannon, Lewis; juniors: 1. Katey Lora; 2. Heidi Moff;
Senior 2-year-old: 1. Starmark Farm; 2. L’Amoreaux; juniors: 1. Jon Dye;
Junior 3-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Jon Dye; 2. Lou-Ida Farm; juniors: 2. Heidi Moff, Columbiana;
Four-year-old: 1. Starmark Farm; 2. Jim Beardsley; juniors: 1. heather Moff, Canfield, Ohio;
Five-year-old: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins, Minerva, Ohio; 2. Struna Holsteins;
Aged cow: 1. Randy Boggs; 2. (and first, junior) Evan Dye;
125,000-pound: 1. (open and junior) Katey Lora; 2. (open and junior) Heather Moff;
Dry cow (3-4): 1. Neil Moff, Columbiana, Ohio; dry aged cow: 1. Lou-Ida Farm; 2. Heidi Moff.
Best three females: 1. Doug Dye and family; 2. Whiteleather Holsteins;
Dam and daughter: 1. Ouric Holsteins; 2. Lou-Ida Farm;
produce of dam: 1. Starmark Farm; 2. Ouric Holsteins;
Get of sire: 1. Ouric Holsteins.


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