Loudonville Livestock Club: Livestock sale total reaches $86,540


LOUDONVILLE, Ohio – The Loudonville Livestock Club posted the sale results from the auction held Oct. 4, on the closing day of the Loudonville Free Street Fair. The sale netted a grand total of $86,544.60.

The grand champion 1,348-pound market steer owned by Courtney Ryan was purchased by Samaritan Regional Health System for $4.50 a pound.

Danny Boggs, representative, paid $6,066 for the steer that was also the heavyweight class champion.

The reserve grand champion market steer at 1,430 pounds was owned by Kyle Nickles and purchased for the Byerly-Lindsey Funeral Home for $2.75 by representative Walt Lindsey at a total of $3,932.50.

This steer was the reserve champion of the heavyweight class.

There were a total of 24 steers sold with an average price per pound at $1.37 without the champions and $1.58 average with the champions, bringing in a total of $47,402.50 for the steers.

The turn price on steers was placed on each individually.

Steer winners. Other market steer winners included David Strausbaugh with the lightweight champion and Rachael Bender with the reserve lightweight champion.

Showing the champion in the middleweight class was Twila Henley and Cal Lowe had the reserve middleweight champion.

Jennie Lowe had the greatest rate of gain.

Steer showmanship. The market steer senior showmanship winner was Twila Henley and David Strausbaugh was second.

The intermediate showmanship winner was Jennie Lowe and Bryan Spreng placed second. Topping the junior showmanship was Mitch Rooks and Courtney Ryan took second.

Lamb sale. Tyler Ardrey showed the grand champion market lamb. Dr. Stephen Torski purchased the 128-pound middleweight champion for $19 a pound for a total of $2,432.

The reserve grand champion 120-pound market lamb was owned by Anne Parsons and purchased by Byland Animal Hospital for $8 per pound. Dr. Jeff Byers paid a total of $960 for the animal, which was also the lightweight and rate of gain champion.

There were 14 lambs in the show, which netted a total sale price of $8,342 at the auction.

The average price per pound with the champion was $4.90 and $3.40 without the champions. The turn price was 75 cents.

Lamb champions. Leigh Ann Edmondson showed the reserve lightweight champion. Andy Reidenbaugh had the reserve middleweight champion.

Jennie Lowe had the heavyweight champion and Mindy Reidenbaugh had the reserve heavyweight champion.

The senior market lamb showmanship winner was Jennie Lowe and placing second was Tiffani Martin.

The intermediate showmanship winner was Anne Parsons and Tyler Ardrey placed second.

The junior showmanship winner was Adam Reidenbach and Andy Reidenbach was second.

Market hog show. The grand champion market hog was the champion of class D and was owned by Anne Parsons. Dr. Stephen Torski purchased the 260-pound hog for $7.50 a pound, which totaled $1,950.

The reserve grand champion market hog weighed 258 pounds and was the reserve champion in class D. It was owned by David Vaughn and was purchased Richardson’s Greenhouse representative Ed Sloan for $4.50 per pound, which totaled $1,161.

There were a total of 47 market hogs sold for a total of $30,800.10.

The average sale price with the champions was $26.10 per pound and $2.46 without the champions.

The turn price on hogs was 39 cents per pound.

Showmanship honors. Christine Parsons was named the senior showmanship winner and Keith Libben was second.

Anne Parsons won the intermediate showmanship. Lindsay Shannon was second. Taking the junior showmanship was Brent Allerding and Todd Brennstuhl was second.

Thank you. The auctioneer for the well-attended brisk auction sale was Bob Graber. The ringmen were Wayne Dessenberg and Kermit Richert.

The carcass show followed the sale Oct. 8 at the local processing plants: Turk Brothers Meats, Boliantz Packing and Heffelfinger Meats.

The club will hold their appreciation banquet on Nov. 1 at the Loudonville High School.


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