Ludwick shows grand champion at northwest Pa. Holstein championship


MEADVILLE, Pa. – A junior 3-year-old claimed top honors at the Pa. Holstein Association’s northwest Pa. championship show July 21 at the Crawford County Fairgrounds in Meadville.
Show judge John Crowley of Hasting, Ontario, gave the grand champion banner to Howard-View Kayla, owned by Timothy Ludwick of Sugar Grove, Pa.
The reserve champion came from the aged cow class. Left-Mac Nobel Mercury is owned by Brad Deeter of Utica, Pa.
In the youth show, Christy Hindman of Brockway, Pa., showed both the grand and reserve champions. Her grand champion, a senior 2-year-old, was Highland-H Adolph Chloe and the reserve, a junior 2-year-old, was Highland-H Sully Scout.
Junior champions. In the open show, Joleana James Janine, a fall yearling owned by Morrell Farms, Fred Strouse, Frank Connelly and Upstream Farm, took junior champion honors.
Spencer Weimer, Emlenton, showed the reserve junior champion and junior show junior champion, Budjon-JK Stormatic E-Moo, a summer yearling.
The reserve junior champion in the youth show was Plum-Line Dunde Jalapeno-ET, owned by Courtney Carey of Titusville.
Also at the top. Plum-Line Holsteins, the Carey family from Titusville, won premier breeder and premier exhibitor honors. And Plum-Line Lheros Shania, a senior 3-year-old owned by Ryan Carey, was the open show’s best bred and owned entry.
Best bred and owned in the youth show was Lu-Jado Allen Tumbleweed, a senior 3-year-old owned by Alexis Caldwell, Saegertown.
The top two spots in the individual classes went to the following exhibitors:
Spring calf: 1. Patrick Carey; 2. Elaina Rader; 1. (junior) Clayton McConnell;
Winter calf: 1. Strouse, Connelly, Morrell; 2. Jeffrey and Adam Raney; 1. (junior) Patrick Carey.
Fall calf: 1. (and first-place junior) Courtney Q. Carey; 2. Morrell Farms.
Summer yearling: 1. (and first-place junior) Spencer M. Weimer; 2. (and second-place junior) George Colpetzer.
Spring yearling: 1. (and first-place junior) Elaina Rader; 2. (and second-place junior) Courtney Q. Carey.
Winter yearling: 1. (and first-place junior) Justin Kennedy; 2. (and second-place junior) Heather Bean.
Fall yearling: 1. Morrell Farms, Upstream Farms, Connelly, Strouse; 2. (first-place junior) Courtney Carey.
Junior best three females: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Morrell Farms.
Dry cow (4 and under): 1. (and first-place junior) Courtney Carey; 2. (and second-place junior) Brooke Ann Caldwell; dry cow (5 and older): 1. (first, junior) Jason Larson.
Junior 2-year-old: 1. (and first-place junior) Christy Hindman; 2. (and second-place junior) Heather Morrell; senior 2-year-old: 1. (and first-place junior) Christy Hindman; 2. Holly Deeter Johnson;
Junior 3-year-old: 1. Timothy Ludwick; 2. Carlton Miller; 1. (junior) Spencer Weimer; senior 3-year-old: 1. Ryan Carey; 2. Plum-Line Holsteins; 1. (junior) Alexis Caldwell.
Four-year-old: 1. Duane Cole; 2. (and first, junior) Courtney Carey.
Five-year-old: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins.
125,000-pound class: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Timothy Ludwick.
Aged cow: 1. Brad Deeter; 2. Timothy Ludwick.
Best three females: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Irons Holsteins.
Produce of dam: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; dam and daughter: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Jason Irons.


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