Monty Roberts demonstration to benefit Pegasus Farm


CANTON, Ohio – Monty Roberts, the world renowned horse gentler and author of The Man Who Listens to Horses, will be in Canton, Ohio, April 21, to demonstrate his non violent methods.

He will appear at 7:30 p.m. at the Canton Memorial Civic Center in a benefit for Pegasus Farms, the Stark County equestrian center for persons with disabilities.

Roberts will work with a raw (unstarted) horse to demonstrate how his non-violent “Join-Up” method of training can help horses and riders.

Remedial training.

He will also work with remedial horses to demonstrate how he corrects problems such as bucking, kicking, biting, and bad loaders.

His methods are said to achieve in 30 minutes what it takes three weeks to achieve with traditional training techniques.

Roberts techniques are becoming universally accepted. Queen Elizabeth II now has all her horses trained according to this methods.

Pegasus Farm, in Hartville, which provides therapeutic horseback riding experiences for people with disabilities, has been selected by Roberts as the local beneficiary of his appearance because of its unique mission.

Therapeutic riding.

Pegasus Farms is an equestrian center dedicated to providing an opportunity for riders to escape braces, crutches and wheel chairs, and to replace them with the gentle gait of a well-trained horse.

The therapeutic approach is based on the idea that horseback riding closely parallels the rhythm of walking, and stimulates parts of the brain which control vocal as well as motor skills. As a result, the therapeutic riding experience is believed to rewards many riders with improved speech and mobility. Riders also learn new skills and overcome challenges, to help them build self-esteem.

The mission of Pegasus Farm is to maximize the potential of persons with disabilities by providing horseback riding along with recreational and social support.

Pegasus is committed to the idea that horseback riding challenges riders with disabilities to achieve a control they may not typically experience in day-to-day life.

Event tickets.

Tickets for the Monty Roberts appearance are available through Pegasus Farm at 330-935-2300, or can be purchased directly through Monty Roberts at 888-826-6689.

General admission tickets are $26 and VIP tickets $76. Group rates are also available through the Monty Roberts organization.

The Canton Civic Center is located at 1101 Market Avenue North.


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