National Highland convention in Pa.


HARRISBURG, Pa. – The American Highland Cattle Association will hold its 50th annual National Convention May 3-6 in Harrisburg, Pa.

Special activities will include a show with over 100 animals, a performance tested bull and select heifer sale and hands-on educational workshops.

Highland cattle are one of the world’s oldest breeds, known for their striking appearance with long flowing hair and elegant horns.

Cattle breeders value them for strong maternal characteristics, ease of management and outstanding carcass merit. Highland beef is prized for its flavor and tenderness.

At the convention, Highland enthusiasts will be treated to educational seminars encompassing collection and utilization of performance data, a carcass competition and farm tour.

Convention events.

The MAHA Spring Classic show will be held May 5. Over 100 Highland cattle from around the country and Canada will compete in this prestigious event.

After the show, the Performance Tested Bull and Select Heifer Sale will begin at 4 p.m. The sale will consist of “graduates” of the MAHA/NEHCA Bull Test.

These bulls will have finished a 140-day feed test, passed a breeding soundness exam and have complete performance and ultrasound data.

Both the bulls and heifers in the sale will be halter broken and represent some of the top genetics available in the breed.

More 2001 activities.

The annual convention is just one of Highland activities that will take place around the country in 2001. Nine regional associations throughout the U.S. have activities planned in their areas.

AHCA’s Roll of Excellence program recognizes Highland point shows in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming and Washington.

For further information on the Highland breed or any activity call 303-292-9102.


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