New fungicide also fights head scab


WOOSTER, Ohio – A new fungicide has been introduced this season to help Ohio wheat growers in their fight against diseases.
New product. Proline from Bayer CropScience has shown to be effective against diseases such as Stagonospora leaf/glume blotch, Septoria leaf blotch, tan spot and leaf rust.
“Proline does very well in terms of controlling Stagonospora and leaf rust, two of the more problematic diseases in Ohio. We are testing it in trials this year to see how well it works against powdery mildew,” said Pierce Paul, an Ohio State University plant pathologist with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.
“As with other fungicide use, growers should scout fields first and then apply fungicide only when it’s warranted.”
Paul said growers might be especially interested in Proline because of its effect against head scab, a serious wheat disease that attacks the plant during flowering under favorable moist conditions. The disease infects the wheat heads, causing shrunken, lightweight kernels, thereby reducing the quality and feeding value of the grain.
The fungus that causes the disease also produces a chemical in the infected grain called vomitoxin that is toxic to livestock and humans.
“To date, Proline is the best fungicide we have for head scab control,” said Paul.
“But, despite its effectiveness, the important thing that growers need to keep in mind is that the fungicide doesn’t cure scab and doesn’t guarantee 100 percent control. Proline suppresses head scab, but it’s not going to prevent it from occurring.”
For best results. Paul said the best results with Proline are observed when it is used in conjunction with variety resistance and when it is applied at flowering, using the correct nozzle setting.
Growers should use the Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center – a Web-based forecasting model that predicts the level of head scab risk – to aid fungicide decision-making for head scab control. The site can be accessed through


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