NMPF accepting applications for 2019 scholarships

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The National Milk Producers Federation is now accepting applications for its National Dairy Leadership Scholarship Program for academic year 2019-2020. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 5.

Each year, NMPF awards scholarships to outstanding graduate students (enrolled in master’s or Ph.D. programs) who are actively pursuing dairy-related fields of research that are of immediate interest to NMPF member cooperatives and the greater U.S. dairy industry. 

Graduate students pursuing research of direct benefit to milk marketing cooperatives and dairy producers are encouraged to apply. (Applicants do not need to be members of NMPF to qualify.)  The top scholarship applicant will be awarded the Hintz Memorial Scholarship, which was created in 2005 in honor of the late Cass-Clay Creamery Board Chairman Murray Hintz, who was instrumental in establishing NMPF’s scholarship program.

Recommended fields of study include but are not limited to: Agriculture Communications and Journalism, Animal Health, Animal and/or Human Nutrition, Bovine Genetics, Dairy Products Processing, Dairy Science, Economics, Environmental Science, Food Science, Food Safety, Herd Management, and Marketing and Price Analysis. 

For an application or more information, please visit http://www.nmpf.org or call the NMPF office at 703-243-6111.


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  1. This EVIL COMMUNISTIC group FALSELY proclaiming to be ‘the voice of dairy’ evidently is using blood money extracted from small dairies to brainwash people into thinking they are ‘good’…DONT BELIEVE IT. They, along with their evil cohorts-monopolized milk processors and milk marketing organizations-have pushed the extinction of small dairies by stripping the constitutional rights from them and forcing anti-private property regulations upon them. Sadly, the very few dairies that are struggling to exist have been blinded to what this EVIL group has done to others.


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