Ohio forest products industry contributes billions to state economy


COLUMBUS – Results of a new study by the Ohio State University shows the state’s forest products industry contributes $15.1 billion to Ohio’s economy annually, employs more than 119,000 people and generates more than $4 billion in payroll.
According to the study, Ohio’s primary wood products industry, including logging and milling, contributes $803.6 million to the state’s economy. While the secondary wood products industry, including furniture and cabinet making and the production of wood pallets, contributes $4 billion.
“Forests are unique in that their values go beyond dollars and cents,” said John Dorka, chief of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry.
“That value can be expressed in terms of recreational enjoyment, environmental quality and the new carbon credits market.”
Paper components. Paper manufacturing and processing are significant components of Ohio’s wood industry.

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