Ohio swine operation earns EPA award


CHICAGO – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 recently presented a first-time award for water resources stewardship to an Ohio swine operation.
Environmental Manager Bill Knapke accepted the award on behalf of the operator, Cooper Farms, and Pharoah Ltd., owner of the Paulding, Ohio, facility.
Clean record. Ohio Ohio Environmental Protection Agency nominated the Pharoah-Rose Grove sow facility for its exceptional record of environmental protection and innovation.
The Paulding County farm houses nearly 3,000 sows which produce about 1,000 weanling pigs per week.
From there, the small pigs are transported to growing facilities in western Ohio and Indiana where they are raised for market.
“Livestock production is important to the economy of the Midwest,” said Acting Regional Water Director Linda Holst.
“We are partnering with state water quality agencies to identify and recognize feed lot operations that are taking a leadership role in reducing their environmental impacts.”
Purpose. Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Resources Stewardship Award acknowledges beef, dairy, swine and poultry concentrated animal feeding operations that are using technological achievements and pioneering processes and tools in their waste treatment and pollution abatement programs.


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