Parents shouldn’t put children in dangerous situations



There are a lot of people getting pretty sick of parents not having to take responsibility for their own children (Girl kicked in face by horse loses lawsuit, May 20).

Instead of them being allowed to try and sue, they should be charged with child endangering!

I have an inn with lots of horses around, and in spite of signs, I see parents encouraging their children into dangerous situations. It’s as though they don’t care if they get hurt – it could mean money in their pocket.

Why aren’t we being protected from people who have little or no common sense. We had one moron put his baby on the back of a horse, grazing in the field, then stood back 50 feet and took a picture.

Luckily my horses are very tame or I may have been sued for his baby getting hurt. Legally he could have tried, costing me time, money and stress.

I truly hope the Castors got restitution for the time and money they spent defending themselves from their relatives.

Eric Guggisberg

Charm, Ohio

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