Pork checkoff rolling back, but producers asked for more


COLUMBUS – U.S. pork producers will be able to keep more of their money this fall when the 45-cent assessment gets rolled back to 40 cents, but the Ohio Pork Producers Council, along with the National Pork Producers Council, is asking for another 10 cents in place of the nickel saved.

Ohio will be starting a new voluntary producer investment program for pork producers this fall. Pork producers will be asked to sign a producer consent form stating that they agree to deduct 10 cents per $100 value from any sale of swine. Participating markets/packers will transfer the contribution to the National Pork Producers Council.

National rollback. The current pork checkoff program, which funds promotion, education and research will be adjusted this fall. The National Pork Board delegates voted in February to roll back the current pork checkoff program from 45 cents per $100 value to 40 cents.

To obtain a producer consent form for the new producer consent investment program, contact the Ohio Pork Producers Council at 800-320-7991 or via e-mail at oppc@ohiopork.org. The form may also be downloaded from the Ohio Pork Producers Council Web site, www.ohiopork.org.

The council said the investment program will fund public policy advocacy and regulatory affairs programs for the pork industry.

Producers can end participation in the voluntary program by giving written notice to the National Pork Producers Council or to the participating markets.

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