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Friday, May 18, 2001 11:04 AM

Dear Advertiser;
Farm and Dairy will publish its annual two-week Progress Edition, June 14 and
June 21. This year’s progress editions carry the theme, Portraits of Progress,
and we’ll be focusing on individuals around the tri-state area who are
the faces of agriculture’s future — portraits of progress.
These special sections will be filled with special features on all segments
of agriculture, research and industry news, photographs and business updates.

As a service to the advertisers in the progress edition, Farm and Dairy is offering
a free editorial business profile, a news article. This is an opportunity for
you to tell our readers your story — how your business has developed over
the years and how you plan to meet the challenges ahead. Your own “portrait
of progress” will describe the services and products your business provides
that keep you ahead of the pack.
You’ll find the business profile information form in the enclosed materials.
Please take a few minutes to answer the questions, and feel free to include
any additional information you like. Completed forms must be returned by Thursday,
May 31. If you have any questions, please call me or talk to your Farm and Dairy
advertising representative.Sincerely,

Susan Crowell

Name of Firm

Phone No.
And Contact Person if more information is needed

Owners and/or

Number of
Part time


Hours of Operation

Services Provided/Product

Date Firm
of Founder

History and
growth of firm:

Business highlights
of 2000/2001 (personnel changes, new products, awards, expansion,

In the past
two years how has your business adjusted to any changes in the
farming economy?

What is the
key ingredient to your firm’s success?

What action
will you take to embrace them?

From what
sector of your business do you see the most potential for growth?

How has your
business changed to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities?

In what ways
can the farm community benefit from your firm’s products
and services?

In what ways
can the farm community benefit from your firm’s products
and services?


This information should be attributed
to (name and title):

Please use another sheet to provide any additional information. These
and needs to be returned AS SOON AS POSSIBLE but no later than Thursday,
MAY 31, 2001.
Call 1-800-837-3419 with any questions.
Mail Form To: Farm and Dairy
P.O. Box 38 Fax To: 330-337-9550
Salem, OH 44460


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