PROGRESS: Farmers find their way with deer

MAGNOLIA, Ohio – When Carolyn Laughlin has a rough day at work, she just concentrates on getting home quickly.
She pulls in her drive, passes the “No Hunting” and “No Trespassing” signs, rumbles up the gravel path, drives under the forest canopy and finally arrives at a clearing on top of the hill.
She grabs her husband, Steve, and the two of them walk toward the tree line and settle on a bench.
Carolyn takes a deep breath and looks around. A 5-day-old white-tailed fawn leaps on its spindly, still-awkward legs, trying to keep up with its mama. Another fawn stays curled up, like a kitten, against an old log. Two does peek around a tree trunk, and a third walks right to the bench and nuzzles Carolyn’s hand.
The stress melts away.


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