Raw milk fires up industry

SALEM, Ohio – You can’t sell it. It’s that simple.
But some people don’t seem to care.
They want it – and believe in it – so fiercely they’ll do whatever it takes, even if it may bend the law.
Raw milk is one of the hottest topics in Ohio agriculture, stirring controversy as the state issues warnings about health risks and launches investigations.
Meanwhile, raw milk consumers swear they’ll do whatever it takes to get the drink they say is responsible for curing their ailments and ensuring their health.

Healing powers

Nikki Cornell’s daughter inherited overlapping bottom teeth from her mother and grandmother. But last week, as the 11-year-old girl smiled, Cornell noticed those same teeth were straight.
It wasn’t braces or dental surgery. It was the raw milk, her mother said.
And then there’s Cornell’s fianc


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