Reader cautious of Bush administration choices



It was good to see Captain Russell Evans has recovered enough to again submit occasional articles. I have enjoyed his columns on threats to our national sovereignty for many years.

I would urge restraint by Captain Evans and others whom consider themselves to be conservatives in their enthusiastic support of the Bush administration and his appointees as champions of religious freedom and the American way.

Our founding fathers formed our great nation on the principal of separation of church and state for a reason. Many were products of countries where the government was very much involved in church affairs and sought to ensure our nation never suffered this fate.

While decisions such as the one cited by Captain Evans by the 9th Circuit Court are often the result of cases brought by anti-religious factions, I am still more comfortable with such rulings than the alternative – that being any reason for the federal government to involve itself in affairs of the church.

The Bush administration has already sought to put the Government foot through that door which should remain tightly locked with the “faith based aid” initiative. While applauded by many with good intentions, this program could have serious consequences.

Being responsible for how all tax money is spent, the federal government would now be in position to do several things. Among them would be to define religion, approve or disapprove of it’s practices and teachings and bring noncompliers into line. The regulations would quickly snowball based on the latest idea of political correctness.

For those who would trust this administration with such power, I would remind them that American administrations are temporary, and the federal government does not have a history of relinquishing control of anything once acquired.

I believe the Bush administration is a wolf in sheep’s clothing once you look beyond the rhetoric and publicity stunts.

Bush’s handlers promote him as a fiscal conservative, yet our nation is drowning in red ink and he seems to come up with new spending proposals weekly.

He patronizes working people yet continues to seek expansion of NAFTA and similar treaties to any third world country with a cheap labor supply. Trade deficits are at unsustainable levels.

He talked of “local control” of education then federalized it with “no child left behind” act.

Family farmers were pandered to as well, then the likes of Tom Door, a shady character with open contempt of both family farms and the law was strong armed into an Undersecretary spot at USDA.

The list goes on but they all pale when compared to this President’s perverse use of the horrific crimes committed on 9/11 to put our constitution right in the crosshairs of the power brokers who would strip away our freedoms and civil liberties.

Freedom was bought and paid for with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans over the past 225 years. This President may embarrass the Dixie Chicks, he just scares the hell out of me.

Steve Badgett

Berlin Center, Ohio

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