Reader says President Bush has to go



As a nation, we have lost all things good and moral. Bush and his administration have performed impeachable acts on numerous occasions for four years.

More bribes from the wealthy to fill the hearts of Congress with greed have destroyed Congress’s desire to enforce America’s constitutional acts.

There is no decency expected in our Congress in economic issues. We have banned open market competition and free enterprise capitalism in this country.

They have destroyed what made America great after World War II. There are protectionist laws now in force which ensure monopolies will rule and eventually only a handful of people will control the economy.

Our Congress has sold America, its middle class, and its Christian values of honor, decency and help for the poor to the richest international bidder.

Saudi Arabia will help Bush destroy our economy with inflated gas prices. Of course, Saudi Arabia wants its longtime family friends, the Bushes, to continue in office, so at the right moment, gas prices will come down: then up again after the election.

We need new leadership of decency and honor in this country. In addition to America once again not electing Bush, we need to not vote for any Senator or Congressman of the conservative branch, who has supported the immorality and indecency of the Bush administration.

Voting out the evil in Washington D.C. means not only Bush and Cheney. It means voting out Senators and Congressmen who have failed the American middle class, who have sold America’s work ethic, who have stood by and done nothing in the face of the indecency, dishonor, and immorality of this Bush administration.

Rebecca Lane

Anderson, Ind.

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