Reeves clothing displayed at Dover Victorian mansion


DOVER, Ohio – The family of Jeremiah Reeves moving into their turn-of-the-century mansion in Dover in 1901.

Now the property of the! Dover Historical Society, the home has been restored to its original turn-of-century condition, and in celebration of the centennial of the house, a special display of Reeves clothing will be featured in the third-floor ballroom during the current season.

The Victorian home, carriage house museum, and heirloom gardens, 325 E. Iron Ave., Dover, is open for the summer and fall season, now through Oct. 31.

The Reeves clothing display includes many dresses and gowns once worn by Jane Reeves, the wife of Jeremiah Reeves, and his daughters, Louise, Agnes, and Lillian.

A 1930s black evening dress worn by Agnes Reeves Greer is also included in the display, along with other clothing items such as the maid’s dresses, family hats and accessories.

Special interest.

Of special interest is the nightgown worn by Jeremiah E. Reeves, a black velvet cape worn by daughter Lillian Reeves Fernsell, and a coat belonging to granddaughter, Jane Reeves Greer.

After the summer and fall season, the clothing will be stored and will no longer be on display.

Visitors to the mansion can also browse through the heirloom gardens that surround the Reeves mansion and its carriage house museum. In the gardens are plants that existed a century ago, such as heirloom roses, old-fashioned perennials and the colorful annuals that were the hallmark of a Victorian garden.

Turn-of-the-century plants can be purchased from the wide selection now available for sale. Plant sales serve as a fund raiser to improve, maintain, and further develop the landscaping that surrounds this historic site.

The house is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. It is closed on Mondays.

For further information contact the Dover Historical Society at 330-343-7040 or 800-815-2794.


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