DDT desperately needed



President Bush shocked the greens by withdrawing support for the Kyoto treaty to curb CO2 emissions. The greens have used the abnormally high temperatures of 1998 to spread the idea that global warming is at last underway. They refused to admit that the abnormal heat was caused by an unusually strong El Nino. The best measure of the globe’s temperature, the satellite data, show that it quickly returned to normal in 1999.

Bush recently said the U.S. would support a treaty banning DDT worldwide. DDT virtually eliminated malaria in tropical regions, saving millions of lives. In areas where its use was halted, malaria has returned, and DDT is desperately needed to combat it. DDT is the best mosquito killer known, and it does not cause cancer. President Bush needs to be told that. He must reverse his position on DDT, just as he reversed it on CO2.

Donald Rupert

Columbiana, Ohio

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