Regulations: Pa. program addresses ‘needs’


BUTLER, Pa. – Government regulations are a part of all businesses and agriculture is not the exception.

Current changes in Pennsylvania and federal water and air quality regulations can be confusing and many producers may question how these changes will affect nutrition and manure management strategies on their farm.

A program has been developed to address the regulatory changes and updates that are required in nutrition and manure management to promote improved water and air quality.

Seven times. Dairy and Livestock Nutrient and Environmental Educational Days (NEEDS), is a one-day program that will be offered at seven sites across Pennsylvania in an effort to educate conservation specialists, producers, agronomists, and feed industry representatives about how these changes will affect them.

Water quality and its relation to animal production operations are a continued area of public concern. Odor and air quality are also current issues under scrutiny.

The program will show producers and others involved in agriculture how to follow best management practices to improve environmental standards while, at the same time, optimizing animal performance and profitability.

Topics. Topics to be covered include:

* managing the environmental risks of manure storage structures.

* using the site assessment as a tool for livestock producers to manage odor and air quality.

* Pennsylvania nutrient and water quality policies.

* managing phosphorus via nutrition and the p-index.

* biosecurity concerns.

* the Environmental Awareness Course and the Pennsylvania Environmental Agricultural Conservation Certification of Excellence program.

Details. The program will be offered in the western Pennsylvania area on the following dates:

* Oct. 17, Crawford County, Holiday Inn Express, Meadville.

* March 19, Indiana County, Holiday Inn, Indiana.

Each session is 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost is $15 and includes lunch.

Register at least a week in advance at 888-373-7232 or 814-865-4682.

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