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SALEM, Ohio – Piggy bank collector Michelle Moore offers the following advice to beginning collectors:

* Make a budget for your collection and stick to it.

* Look for banks that are in good condition. If the bank is not in good condition, however, you might want to buy it anyway if it is a good price. You can upgrade later if you find a better one.

* Keep piggy banks that have sentimental value.

* Collect the banks you like.

* Bargain hunting pays off big in the little world of collecting banks.

* If you want a nice, quality collection, expect to pay between $25-$100 for most banks.

References. Moore also offers the following piggy bank book references:

* Ceramic Coin Banks (Collector Books) by Tom and Loretta Stoddard.

* Banks (Collector Books) by Jim and Beverly Mangus.

* Modern Banks (LW Publishing) by Vickie Stulb.

* Penny Banks Around the World (Schiffer Publishing) by Don Duer.

* Look in pottery identification guides because most pottery manufacturers made at least one piggy bank. Examples of these manufacturers include McCoy, Hull and American Bisque.

– Kristy Hebert

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