Revised, updated “Birds of Ohio” is available


WOOSTER, Ohio – The bible of Buckeye birders – and a handy reference for backyard birdwatchers throughout Ohio – has been revised and updated and is now available.

The second edition of the “Birds of Ohio” (688 pp., paperback, $21.95, The Wooster Book Company) documents the species that nest in, migrate through, and sometimes mysteriously appear in the state (like a lost Atlantic puffin in Toledo) – more than 400 in all.

Maps now included.

Included are details on distribution and abundance, migration and nesting dates, and, for the first time, maps from the “Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas.”

The author is Bruce G. Peterjohn, who wrote the first edition in 1988 (Indiana University Press).

Of interest to serious birders will be new information on winter gulls, hawk migration, and northern birds in hemlock forests – the magnolia warbler, for example – along with 12 years of new records, such as the state’s first boreal owl (Lake County, 1997).

Useful information.

Backyard birdwatchers can use the book to check arrival and departure dates, which can help with identification.

In February, for example, it’s likely that an unseen bird saying “peent” is an American woodcock, not a common nighthawk.

The “Birds of Ohio” is available from The Wooster Book Company, 205 W. Liberty St., Wooster, OH 44691; phone 1-800-WUBOOK1.

Get a copy.

Make checks payable to The Wooster Book Company. Include $4 for shipping for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy. Ohio residents should add $1.27 sales tax per copy.

For more information call 1-800-WUBOOK1 or 330-262-1688.


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