Rogers Auction staying put


ROGERS, Ohio – Owners of the Rogers Community Auction, located in Rogers, Ohio, were recently subject to numerous inquiries concerning the supposed sale of the Rogers Auction grounds for a proposed warehouse facility.

This rumor began to surface several months ago. The source and the purpose of this hoax have not yet been determined, but an investigation is continuing.

Calls from as far away as Alabama were filtered back to the owners by extremely upset patrons and vendors over the rumor of the proposed sale to Wal-Mart and supposedly to be used as a corporate warehouse.

Rumors are false. “This is absolutely false,” said the Baer family.

The Rogers Community Auction has been a family-owned and operated business for three generations and the Baer family has no intentions of relinquishing their growing open air market and real estate business.

Rogers Auction continues to grow to meet the needs of patrons. The auction has over 80 new vendor areas under construction. A new Auction Barn has been completed in which household goods, produce, plants and eggs will be sold.

The new 6,500-square foot facility is equipped with loading docks, a 2,400-square foot sale ring with seating, computerized check out and fork lifts to make goods on pallets easier to handle.

Auction schedule.

The open air market is open every Friday year round at 7:30 a.m. The miscellaneous household auction starts at 1 p.m.. Eggs and produce begin at 5 p.m. For information call 330-227-3233.


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