LETTER: Ron Paul will put the Constitution back in its proper place



The March primary is right around the corner and I have yet to see much regarding Ron Paul in Ohio. I have been a Ron Paul follower for years now.

Frankly, it amazes me that no one seems to be too interested in upholding our Constitution these days including most already elected officials. I get the usual junk in the mail that talks about being conservative, principled and consistent from various Republican wannabes.

Interestingly, none of these mention upholding our Constitution or the fact that our current state of affairs is such because the Constitution has all but been forgotten (on purpose one could suppose).

How many people realize the Constitution was written to specifically protect the people from an out of control federal government? How many also realize the power to make and maintain laws is really at the state level and NOT the federal level?

The feds have no authorization to be in the people’s homes, bedrooms, wallets and certainly NOT in mandating health insurance.

Thomas Jefferson once said. “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

There is one candidate who understands these issues and much more and his public service record will demonstrate this very well. Ron Paul is the only one to vote consistently in favor of our Constitution. He is NOT an isolationist but a believer in upholding the Constitution.

When this nation began empire building and being the world’s police, we began to lose sight of our moorings. Ron Paul seeks to restore the Constitution to it’s rightful place in this nation.

The real reason that no one seems to get what Ron Paul believes in is because not many understand Constitutional government. Ron Paul is the only candidate worthy of my vote.

A vote used to mean something in America. One used to be able to vote one’s conscience and not get caught up in “voting for the lesser of two evils.” Oh how weary I am of hearing that one.

But now, sadly, it has all become a game to keep the foolish Americans distracted from the real issues, like the fact that our Constitution is being trashed daily.

Electing Ron Paul would be a fine place to begin to get the nation back on the right track. Our Constitution was the only guide for our founding fathers so why has this nation decided it is no longer good enough? Elect Ron Paul and help put the Constitution back in it’s proper place.

Thomas Jefferson also said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

Dawn McLaughlin

Creston, Ohio

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  1. Hi, Dawn,

    I agree with your take on the Constitution and Ron Paul. But maybe you can help me put my mind at ease. I’m concerned about the allegations of racist comments in his newsletter. As someone who follows his campaign closely, can you help me understand that? Thanks!

    • If you are really concerned about this, do me a favor, answer me a question. Who do the other racist groups support? Thats right, no one brings this to light. Because if they did, it would definetely put the other candidates in the NEGATIVE spotlight, bet it. They just keep putting this misinformation in the news to dissuade folks from voting for an honest man. This has been debunked, the letters were written by a disgruntled intern. Dr. Ron Paul is not a racist he believes in freedom for all as defined by the Constitution and has the backing of the Houston head of the NAACP supporting him on this. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
      RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

    • I may be able to help out here..
      Ron Paul is involved in thousands of things a year, publications/newsletters/tv/rallies/his job etc..

      Many of the Articles and bylines are written by people other than Ron Paul, some he writes himself. These articles are usually just re-stating the same key concepts over and over (Remove the Fed, Centralize and Consolodate our Military at home etc…) so this is a pretty common practice. There would be no way for him to proof read every one of them himself and still get anything done.

      When it was brought to his attention, he condemned it, apologized for not having better selected/policed his staff who does this stuff and flat out said this does not reflect my view.

      Sure,..politicians always say that when they get caught doing something wrong, but if you look at Ron Pauls record and his history, these are isolated events by 3rd parties. There’s no “track record” of racist decisions in government (a pretty amazing feat for a Republican) and there’s no personal history of any racist issues.

      Now consider that organizations that actually engage in higly racist activites would go out of their way to draw attention to any possible wrongdoing in Ron Paul’s camp and you see a bigger picture.

      Ron Paul wants to change many of the policies that lines the pockets of the GOP at the expense of programs that many black families rely on. Naturally they will spend money to smear him in the media.
      On top of that Ron Paul Predicted the housing crisis and could have prevented it if he had been listened to.

      Ron Paul wants to get our troops out of foreign countries and stop the US policy of managing puppet governments that backfire on us. Companies like Ratheon and Blackwater make Billions of dollars from our empire building so they (and their counterparts) will do anything to keep Ron Paul out of the whitehouse. They don’t want those Billions of dollars going towards helping US citizens they want it in their pockets. They can rely on the other GOP candidates to make sure that happens. SuperPacs for Romney and Santorum and Gingrich are funded by those big companies that want to keep all that money.
      Ron Paul’s funding comes from citizens, and the men and women of the US military. Those other guys are in bed with all these companies so they have stock, and win or lose they have six-seven figure salaries waiting for them for their handshaking. Ron Paul has money from his career and medical practice, he’s doing well but not nearly as much as the guys with the “big pay off money/promises” are.

      This is one of the reasons Ron Paul supporters are so expressive. Consider that only about 1/3 of the US population votes, many people are basing their votes on media hype/lies, and on the notion that the “other guys” are really out to help you as opposed to just themselves and their party. The other guys have superPAC’s, Ron Paul has us. Check out the youtube video for Ron Paul. Look how the media (through big payoffs/owners/sponsors) do everything they can to insure he doesn’t get elected.

      The Maine Primaries were a blatant fraudulent attempt to keep Ron Paul out of the news. GOP headquarters told many Maine districts that were Ron Paul supporters to send in their results w/out a public count. When the GOP got the results, they just put a zero in for them.

      Soooo many people say “I’d vote for Ron Paul if I thought he could win.” the only reason people have the thought that he might not be able to win is because billions (if not trillions over the last elections) have been spent keeping him in the sidelines.

      But again, I’ll tell you I’m a new Ron Paul supporter, I’m biased don’t take my word for it do your own research and look at facts, not opinion based commentaries and superPAC ads.

      RON PAUL 2012
      RON PAUL 2016

  2. Excellent job Dawn..you have hit the nail on the head. I only wish more Ohioans could see things as clear as you do..America has been brainwashed by MSM and its the Masses who still drink their koolaid. This is killing this once great country..if Dr. Paul does not get elected we are screwed. Wake UP AMERICA!!!

  3. I think it’s pretty clear by now that Ron Paul was not the author of the racist newsletters, nor does he endorse what they had to say. The thing about Liberty is that it gives people the right to say whatever it is they want to say even if the speech is full of hate or racist language. I assume that for this reason and that Dr. Paul wishes to limit federal power back to the level of the Constitution that certain racist people and groups see the message of Liberty as a way to protect or advance their rhetoric. But the second part of Liberty means that we cannot force or infringe on the rights of others (that’s where the hate-group racists will typically differ with Dr. Paul.) I would much prefer a racist who supports Liberty, because that in turn means that he/she can simply have racist feelings and thoughts but cannot force their ideology on anyone; the scary thought is when a racist believes in Socialism or even worse Fascism because that’s when they believe they have the right to force their stupid thoughts on others (e.g. Hitler.) If I could I would vote for John S. Mill in 2012, but since I can’t it’s Ron Paul all the way!

    • The lamestream media and fake “conservative” pundits like Sean Hannity like touting that newsletter on the doctor too much. They do anything to bash Ron to make him seem bad.

      And Sean wonders why Ron won’t come back to the show…

  4. Michael, google “Ben Swann” names Newsletter Mystery Writer..then PLEASE move on to the TRUTH that Dr. Ron Paul brings to the table..and keep this in mind..why do multiple NAACP org. LOVE DR. PAUL?? Go to You Tube and your jaw will drop when you see how many Blacks support Ron Paul..he is anything but a RACIST. He is a fair and honest man who deserves to be our Commander & Cheif. Did you watch the Vets For Ron Paul march on DC? ZERO MSM coverage on that awesome event..it brought tears to my eyes. The Men and woman who lay their lives down for this country will vote for no one else other then Ron Paul..there will be a HUGE march in Aug in Tampa at the RNC..get ready to witness The R3VOLUTION..because our Vets are SICK and TIRED of fighting these UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS and they have put their boot down..Please get over this Racist thing..look who sits as President right now..that man has done more Racist BS then you can shake a stick at, look how often the Race Card has been dealt with this loser..and the Black Panthers Support him as well..no MSM getting up on that story is there?? To hell with them all..its Dr. Ron Paul or BUST. period

  5. Great letter Dawn.

    Michael- as for the “racist news letters”- I’m sure you’ve heard that Ron Paul says he didn’t write them or read them prior to publication as he had several newsletters being ghost written by college students at the time while he was running his medical practice….. But you can also go on Youtube and see Paul giving passionate speeches against racism from before the newseltters, feom the same time period as the newsletters, and afterwards. He has also maintained black, mexican, and gay friends and colleages all along as well. This makes it virtually impossible to believe he would have anything to do with any racist comments or ideas.

    Also, have you read the comments in question? They are certainly bad but not nearly as bad as you might think. For example, one of the worst claimed that the LA riots quieted down on the day “the blacks received their welfare checks”. This is racist, bad, and not worthy of defense, but not as bad as many expect concerning all of the excitement…. Especially considering the time period and that many major news outlets in the south reported the same on television….. Still, as soon as Paul discovered this he stopped it immediately.

    But please, do your own research. And be sure to watch Paul’s many speeches on Youtube! This is a wonderful time in history to be able to go back and see almost every speech made by a politician throughout the years. I especially like “predictions in due time”!

  6. Discussions of old newsletters and who will pay for birth control pills are distractions from the very important issues. The Congress along with the Federal Reserve has put us in a worse financial condition than Greece. The currency is losing value as you read this and the result is higher prices. The government is lying to us about inflation so they can not give the social security recipients a true inflation adjustment on their payment among other reasons. Our young people are being ask to go into harms way and die for a reason that no one can put a finger on. There is more talk about a war with Iran which we can not afford and which will be a real war with hundreds of thousands of deaths. And yes the Constitution is being trampled on every day and most shrug it off to the “not all that important” category. If we don’t wake up an take back control of what is happening we will all be doomed. Lets get serious. Ron Paul states that Liberty is for everyone not for special groups only. So support him with you actions and money and at least give him and all his young people supporting him a fighting change to save us all.

  7. Ron Paul is the only man who can turn this country around to the solid foundation it was built on! Frankly, I am surprised that Santorum is ahead on Ohio. He sounds good. His platform is conservative. But….don’t people see that he is trying to legislate morality through the law of the land? That is NOT constitutional! That is tit for tat! Governing the same way we already see being done. It becomes a battle of pitting people against people from the top (through law) rather than educating people and allowing them to make the changes at the local and state levels. Let’s get back to the Constitution! Let’s be Americans!!!

  8. I’m from Ohio, I have a Ron Paul sign outside my house and 3 car magents on my car. I’ve seen more Ron Paul signs in my neighborhood than I have any of the other candidates. I can’t wait to cast my vote for Ron Paul this Tuesday, it will be the first time I’ve been excited to vote for someone, because he STANDS FOR SOMETHING.

  9. this is true in many ways but instead of focusing on ohio why not worry about the states that are all for Mitt Romney he has all the money and the powerful people on his side so wht can we do as the people to change this so stop the talking and ket work together to put Ron Paul in office!!!1

    RON PAUL 2012!!!


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