Rumensin feeding range expanded


GREENFIELD, Ind. – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Elanco’s application to expand the allowable range of Rumensin (monensin sodium) in dry feed supplements for dairy cows.
These supplements, known as Type B feeds, must be mixed with other ingredients before they are fed.
Now Type B dry feeds may include an increased range of 23 grams per ton to 80,000 grams per ton of Rumensin on a dry matter basis (rather than the previous range of 40 grams per ton to 80,000 grams per ton).
Feeding. Producers can feed Rumensin in total mixed rations (complete feeds) at a rate of 11 grams to 22 grams per ton on a 100 percent dry matter basis.
Elanco recommends that producers start feeding Rumensin to lactating and dry cows at the 11 grams per ton rate, and then work with their nutritional advisers to determine the feeding level that’s right for their herds.
Rumensin can be purchased through traditional animal-health and nutrient-supplier companies.


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